Family Law

Having a strong advocate with you while you progress through the complicated issues of family law is key to obtaining the best possible outcome. At the Law Offices of v, we understand that this is an uncertain time for you. Karen will be with you every step of the way, fighting for you and your children.

We are prepared to offer you dedicated representation involving:

Custody and visitation
Spousal Support
Property division
Family Mediation
Child Support  Support Estimator
Delinquent Support
Contempt of Court
Domestic Violence
Prenuptial Agreements


Divorce is a difficult event to endure. It is an emotional time and often your life seems to be in turmoil. Life is changing for you and your future is at stake. Facing the legal aspect of divorce and it's consquences can be overwhelming. Please rely on us to give you compassionate and caring guidance through these difficult times.

We work with you to set a comfortable pace. Together, we develop an end goal and plan the steps to reach it. This allows us to handle the legalities while you regain your footing and work to build your future.

Child Support

Are you paying or receiving child support? If you have not had your numbers checked within the past year or your income or financial circumstances have changed, please contact us. We use the Iowa Support Master software to calculate child support. We offer free consultations.

What is Mediation?

When a couple files for divorce, communication often breaks down. This complicates an already difficult situation. Mediation is not required in some Iowa counties. Mediation is often the best answer for working out conflicts involving property division and child custody. It gives you an opportunity to talk and make decisions with the guidance of a neutral mediator. This also allows you to control the outcome of matters that you would rather not have a judge make for you.